Research Paper Title Page Prompts

APA is one of the mostly used styles that are used by students in writing any type of academic paper. This style guide provides varied information in writing your academic paper on social sciences. Their manual includes information which ranges from formatting, details on how to cite a research paper and research paper title page. To help you with the basic task of writing the title page of your academic paper, enlisted some key points that are lifted from the commonly used APA style.

Research Paper Title Page Help

Research Paper Title Page Help

The style guide that you will use is dependent mostly on your choice of research paper topic. To make sure that you are using the correct referencing and formatting style, it is best to consult your instructor or professor on this matter. For your convenience, has extracted the basic points that you must consider in formatting the very first part of your paper.
APA format research paper

1. Ensure that your paper contains the following parts, written in two separate areas, on a clean paper with one inch margins on all sides.

  • page header and page number
  • running head
  • title
  • author’s name
  • school or institution

2. The page header must be written on the upper right side. This consists of an abbreviated title followed by five spaces and followed by the Arabic number one. An abbreviated title is comprised two to three words of your research paper title that should not exceed 50 characters.
3. Below the page header, place two double spaces and write “Running head” and a colon, left justified. After the colon, write the abbreviated title in upper case.
4. In the middle of the page, write the complete title of your research paper, double spaced. Your title must be:

  • Concise but developed fully. That is, it must summarize the idea of your paper
  • Contains 10 to 12 words

5. After the title, place two single spaces and write your complete name, then followed by the school or institution’s name below it.

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