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Why Does Your Research Paper Need a Proposal

Help With Research Proposal

Help With Research Proposal

The purpose of learning how to write a proposal for your research paper is so that you can clearly present your intentions for your research project in a way that persuades the review board to accept your topic so that you can implement your research. A research proposal is most often required at the undergraduate, graduate and post graduate levels and must clearly outline what you plan to research, your research methodology or how you plan to conduct your research, and why you’ve chosen to do the research. Due to the fact that the research paper proposal can often make or break your research project, students may want to conduct an online search or seek out assistance from to obtain a research proposal sample that can be modelled for proper format and structure. The research paper proposal will often serve as a way for the professor or review board to determine whether your project is adequately thought out and to make sure your research topic and research methodology are appropriate.

Your Research Proposal Structure

The research proposal structure will depend somewhat on the field of study. There are some common sections to a research proposal, however, be certain to check with your professor or chair to ensure that you include the sections that are required for your project.

  • Cover page – The cover page section includes at least the title of your research project, the researcher/writer’s name and the name of the institution you are affiliated with at the time. It can include other details such as the timeframe for completion, instructor name, etc so be sure to double check this with your professor or review board.
  • Table of contents - The primary function of the a table of contents is to list the sections of the research proposal along with appropriate page numbers to enable reviewers to quickly find the sections they would like to review. Make certain your format is appropriate to the topic area and aligns with the MLA, APA, or Chicago formatting style.
  • Background / Need for the study – The main purpose of a research proposal is to convince your professor or review board that there is a need for your research project. In order to do this effectively you must include a solid background of the topic area to be studied and demonstrate the need for more research.
  • Purpose and aims of the study – This section will include your reason for conducting the study and will outline the goals or what you intend to accomplish by completing the research project.
  • Review of the literature – The Literature Review section of your proposal must absolutely demonstrate that you are aware of work that has previously been done in this field of study and that your research project is unique or different in some way than work that was done before it. Demonstrate your knowledge of previous research, point out any holes or gaps in knowledge by presenting an objective review of relevant literature on the research topic.
  • Research design – The research design is one of the most important sections in your proposal. This section is where you will demonstrate that you plan to use research methodology that is appropriate to your field of study and that you have thought through your research plan in order to include the appropriate controls and allow for resolution of any errors that could occur. Information on your data collection methods, sampling methods, and plan for analysis should be included.
  • Timetable/plan – This section of your proposal should present your time frame for the research project including a start date, milestone dates, and an estimated completion date.
  • Proposed thesis structure - Use this section to describe the emphasis of each chapter of your thesis.
  • Significance/Expected Outcomes of the study – In this section, you will need to anticipate or project the expected result of the research project. Describe the outcomes that you expect to see if you carry out the research plan exactly as described in your proposal.
  • Glossary of terms - If your research proposal includes the use of acronyms or any phrases or terminology that may be new to the field of study or not commonly known by your peers, a glossary of terms should be included as part of your proposal.
  • Appendices - Any pertinent documentation that is important for the understanding of your research plan can be included in one or more appendices towards the end of your proposal. Placing this documentation in its own section means that your writing will not be disrupted by large amounts of documentation.
  • References – Any studies, literature, interviews or existing research that you reviewed during the preparation and planning stages of your project need to be listed in this section. Again for this section make sure that you format each entry according to the selected citation style.

Make Sure Your Research Proposal Is a Good One!

A good research proposal should not only be well written but it should present a carefully thought out plan for researching a topic or area of focus. If you allow yourself enough time to properly plan your research project and you follow directions and pay close attention to detail, your research proposal will have a better chance of success.

  • Have a good analytical question that not only asks the question of what but also why or how. Purely descriptive questions are not adequate for a research proposal.
  • Allow enough time to review literature already available on the topic and expect that you will need to review an average of three sources for each one that you actually use.
  • Ensure the literature review you present demonstrates a need for your research paper ideas and that you have a solid foundation of knowledge of what’s already been done in the topic area.
  • Follow all instructions you may have been given to ensure that you don’t lose unnecessary points for not following directions.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with the citation style you are using whether it be MLA Style Research paper, APA format or Chicago and that you include the appropriate sections so that you do not lose points for formatting.
  • Pay careful attention to the research structure or plan portion of your proposal. It should be presented in a way that demonstrates use of appropriate research methodology as well as an awareness of any controls that may be needed.
  • Many professors and review boards will make use of a research paper rubric to score your proposal so if you can find one of these in advance you can use it to self check your research proposal to ensure you’ve included every component.

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