Research Proposal Format

Correct Format for Your Research Proposals

Writing a research paper proposal is an inescapable step in pursuing your degree. As a proposal includes your ideas that you would want to put into action, it then serves as a pseudo-contract between you and the academe. This piece of documentation contains the what’s, the why’s and the how’s of your academic paper. A research proposal format outlines these details, and gives you a clear view of what is required for you in this scholastic contract. provides you an outline of a research paper proposal, as your reference.
Here, enlists the basic outline of a proposal for your research paper.
I. Introduction

  • a. Research paper topic
  • b. Research question
  • c. Significance of this study

II. Literature review

  • a. Previous studies conducted on the same or similar topic
  • i. Related findings
  • ii. Unanswered or open questions
  • b. The initial work that you have done
  • c. Re-statement of research questions and its correlation to the questions, findings and logic of the other academic studies in review

III. Methodology

  • a. Study approach
  • b. Required data
  • c. Techniques to be used for analysis
  • d. Interpretation of result plans

IV. Expected results
V. Budget
VI. List of reference materials

Research Proposal Format

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