Help With Writing Your Senior Research Paper

Unlike an essay, the focus of a senior research paper is more detailed. In this type of paper, the student must thoroughly discuss the topic of his choice, where a specific format must be followed. This format is relative to the academic institution, or the professor. However, the sections of a senior academic paper have similarities, regardless of the university or the instructor. Below, enlisted the basic format that you can use for this type of academic paper.

Senior Research Paper Writing Help

Senior Research Paper Writing Help provides you with the basic format for your research paper.

1. Abstract is the synopsis of the paper that allows the reader to immediately know what your research paper is about.

2. Introduction states the thesis statement of the research paper. This discusses the topic in greater detail and gives a brief overview on the writer’s theory on the topic.

3. Literature review is when the author looks at certain elements of the resource materials that will be used as reference. This includes the subject of the literature, the purpose of the writer and his main points, as well.
An effective literature review should also include:

  • What are other’s opinion on the research paper topic
  • What other similar studies have been conducted
  • What are the findings for the other studies

4. Methodology will include information on how you plan to go about your study, such as what kinds of data are you looking for, how do you plan to gather such data and from which sources.

5. Findings: data collection and analysis is the section where you must discuss the details of your research paper. This section takes most of the part of your academic paper, making it the focal point of your research work.

6. Conclusion allows the writer to further analyze the data that are available. Here, the writer will integrate the information that he has gathered from the research proper and the literature. In this section, the writer can also suggest further studies that are related to his topic

7. References: works cited page

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