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You do not need to be a genius to get acquainted with English poet and playwright William Shakespeare. Regarded by many as the greatest writer in the English literature, his numerous works have been interpreted in more ways than one. Despite the extensive documentations on his abundant masterpieces, few records of his private life survived.

His physical appearance, religious beliefs and sexuality has been the topic of varied speculations of many writers. From plays to sonnets to poems – his skill in writing is unprecedented. His early plays were of the comedic and historic genre. After which, he was able to write tragedies which were considered as his finest work in the English language. Tragicomedies or romances were the genre of his focus at the later phase of his writing. In the period of his life when theatres were closed, Shakespeare was able to produce narrative poems that are erotic in nature.

Shakespeare Research Papers

Shakespeare Research Papers

Another work of Shakespeare that is of non-dramatic in nature is the sonnet. He composed 154 sonnets which were published in 1609. Many experts say that he wrote these all through out his life for his private consumption. This brief background on his life can be a good research paper topic for a Shakespeare research paper. However, the most commonly used research paper topics are his masterpieces. To serve as a reference, provides a list of his literary works below. Shakespeare is a genius. The critically acclaimed list of literary works, enlisted by, below is just a testament of his brilliance.


  • Shakespeare’s sonnets
  • Venus and Adonis
  • The Rape of Lucrece
  • The Passionate Pilgrim
  • The Phoenix and the Turtle
  • A Lover’s Complaint


  • As You Like It
  • The Merchant of Venice
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • The Tempest
  • Twelfth Night
  • Much Ado About Nothing


  • King John
  • Richard II
  • Henry V


  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Julius Caesar
  • Macbeth
  • Hamlet
  • King Lear
  • Othello

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