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An essay is a type of writing that refers to a short piece of writing on various topics, describing discussing, and/or analyzing a certain topic. Some essays directly address the subject of the essay, while some address the subject indirectly. There are a variety of different essay styles and the way an essay can be approached. Some essays may be humorous, some serious, and some may express a personal opinion.

The essay types are:

Critical Analysis Essays
Argumentative Essays How to Write Argumentative Essay
Descriptive Essays How to Write Descriptive Essay
Classification Essays
Cause and Effect Essays
Compare and Contrast Essays
Informative Essay Writing Help
Opinion Essay How to Write Opinion Essay
Persuasive Essays How to Write Persuasive Essay
Problem Solution Essays How to Write Problem Solution Essay
Reflective Essay How to Write Reflective Essay
Narrative Essay How to Write Narrative Essay
Personal Essay How to Write Personal Essay
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Critical analysis essays are one of the most commonly seen types of essays, and is particularly popular in academia, such as criticizing a particular piece of work, like if you were to write a Frankenstein essay and analyze the work on a more in-depth level. Writing a critical essay is not always easy, so it’s important that a good essay outline be prepared before you begin writing, where you would organize your thoughts and devise a plan. Additionally, it’s important for a critical essay to have pertinent information from particular sources that are trustworthy, factual, and reliable.

Essays of Any Type

Essays of Any Type

Argumentative essays are a type of essay where information is provided, but also presents an argument with supporting ideas and also opposing ideas of a debatable issue. In argumentative essays, there should be a wealth of information on both sides that are presented in order to establish a firm argument that has credible sources. Like an extended essay, argumentative essays thoroughly provide information, cover an idea or argument in order to inform the reader to also persuade the reader to take on a certain viewpoint. An example of an argumentative essay would be on whether or not marijuana should be legalized.

Argumentative Essay Sample

Descriptive essays are written in order to accurately describe a person, event, object, or other topic in such a way that the reader can vividly see the topic and get a clear picture of the topic from the description given. The events should be clearly described so the reader feels like they can reach out and touch the essay topic. To write a descriptive essay, the writer could tell a story about a specific event or person that made an impact on them, allowing them to easily write about the subject and to make a call to action with their essay.

Descriptive papers are pieces of writing that aim to give the readers an overall impression of a central idea. In a description essay, the writer is attempting to make an impression on the reader by carefully and distinctly detailing and describing a person, place, thing, or idea. In order to create a clear description of the essay topic, the writer uses concrete details to provide clarification about the topic, attempting to make an appeal to the reader’s five senses: sight, smell, taste, tactile sensations, and hearing. The writer is generally trying to invoke a specific feeling about the essay topic.

Classification essays are some of the most challenging and difficult types of essays to write. Classification essays are different from other essays as the writer is attempting to take a wide variety of information, provide clarification to it, and then place it into an order or category that the writer creates or an order or category that the writer has found in a source pertaining specifically to the different parts of the essay’s multiple items. Classification essays are typically used in the scientific field, both in ‘hard’ sciences, and also liberal arts sciences. Classification essays generally have a specific aim.

Cause and effect essays are regularly assigned in English composition courses, and they aim to explain why something happened and to establish the relationship between certain events. Additionally, cause and effect essays also focus on the specific consequences of the said events. A good example of cause and effect essays would be law essays written by a student attending law school who is attempting to show what resulted from a specific court case and related events, or if a student in graduate school for business wrote an MBA essay about a company’s business plan and its resulting success or failure.

Compare and contrast essays take two topics and demonstrate the connections between these two topics, and/or also express the differences between the two. One important element of compare and contrast essays is that they usually attempt to establish new connections and differences instead of existing ones, usually taking two items from a similar category but that have many differences. For example, a student may write a drama essay comparing and contrasting two plays by William Shakespeare that are not usually connected to one another, such as Othello and Macbeth,  instead of writing an individual Othello essay and individual Macbeth essay.

compare and contrast essay Sample

An opinion essay is written by taking one’s opinions and crafting them so that they are treated as factual pieces of information, while also attempting to persuade the audience of the essay to believe that the expressed opinion is correct. Opinion essays force the writer to choose a viewpoint. Opinion essays are one of the most commonly assigned types of essays in academia, and they encourage the writer to use critical thinking skills in order to explain why a certain opinion is fact, why that opinion can be proven as fact, and why the audience should accept it as a fact.

Persuasive essays are short commentaries that are written in order to persuade the audience into taking on a specific viewpoint or opinion. Normally, persuasive essays are about five to six paragraphs long, and consist of a title, a thesis statement, two to three paragraphs that support the central argument, and end with a concluding statement. Each paragraph should have an opening sentence that supports the central thesis idea, and is then followed by a series of facts, testimonials, and other information that comes from a trusted, well-known source. Persuasive essays should sound authoritative and should aim to gain the audience’s trust.

Problem solution essays present a specific problem as the central topic and similarly to a persuasive essay, attempts to convince readers that the writer’s solution to a problem is the best, will be the most effective, and that the writer’s solution will fix it. Business essays are often written as problem solution essays, wherein a writer may state a flaw in the business’s marketing plan and follow by stating how the flaw can be fixed and what it will result in. Another example would be a management essay, where the writer states how a company’s management system could be improved.

Reflective essays are a type of writing that is founded upon the writer’s ideas and personal opinions, feelings, or views about a particular topic. The objective of a reflective essay is to relay how the writer feels about a certain topic, to convey their experience, and most importantly to show what the writer learned as a result of the topic. Essentially, it is personal insight about a subject. An example of a reflective essay would also be an autobiographical essay, and reflective essays can commonly be seen in admission essay for college or in scholarship essays when applying for scholarships.

A narrative essay is similar to a personal short story, and differs from other essays because it is written from a first person perspective. In narrative essays, writers are sharing a personal story from their own viewpoint, and the essay will tell a story from beginning to end, being comprised of a clear sequence of events. An example would be a college application essay, when students share an experience or story that made a significant impact on their life. It can be a five paragraph essay comprised of establishing the setting, the sequence of events, plot, climax, and ending.

Narrative Essay Sample

A personal essay can be written in a variety of different ways and on many different topics since it is written from the writer’s viewpoint. Writers are expressing their own feelings, ideas, and thoughts in personal essays and conveying these ideas to the reader. The writer does not have to conceal their own opinion or use objectivity when writing personal essays. Personal essays are commonly assigned in the form of a high school essay when a student has to write about a personal idea, thought or feeling, and are used in order to encourage self-expression and to stretch boundaries of structure.

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