Help with Writing Your Zoology Research Paper

Help with Writing Your Zoology research paper

The term zoology is a modern term of the word zoologia. Coined from the Greek words zoion, which means animal, and logia, which means study; it is apparent that zoology is a branch of biology that is focused on the study of animals. A student taking up zoology will learn the varied physiological structure, function, behavior and evolution of creatures belonging in the animal kingdom. The prerequisite of any zoology research paper is that its research paper topic must be related to any living organism. understands

Zoology Paper Help

Zoology Paper Help

the need of student in conducting extensive research when creating this academic paper. Research has become a critical component of writing, especially in a science course, because all information incorporated in your paper must be based on reliable facts. Aside from ensuring reliability, a researcher must also remember that all data in the academic paper must be attributed to where it is due, necessitating students to learn how to cite a research paper.

As stated earlier, the focal point of you research paper on zoology are the living organisms. This, of course, provides you with one of the most extensive list or possible topics. suggests that when writing, a researcher must always look at all the possibilities in choosing a subject to make sure that he chooses the best topic possible. With this, it might be helpful for you to go through the list below before choosing a topic for this research paper subject.

  • Invertebrates or animals without back bones
  1. Protozoa are unicellular organisms such as ciliate
  2. Echinoderms are marine animals characterized by their radial symmetry, like starfish.
  3. Annelids are segmented worms like earthworm.
  4. Mollusks are animals that have unsegmented and soft body that is usually housed in a shell, such as snails.
  5. Arthropods are those that are covered in chitin or hard shell such as crabs.
  • Vertebrates or animals with back bones
  1. Fish are cold blooded animals that are characterized by their scales and gills, such as milk fish and sea dragons.
  2. Amphibians are cold blooded animals that can live on land and water. An example of which are frogs.
  3. Reptiles are cold blooded animals that are usually covered with scales and breathe air through their lungs, like snakes.
  4. Birds are warm blooded animals with wings and lays eggs for reproduction. Examples of which are ravens and ostriches.
  5. Mammals are warm blooded animals that usually give birth to their young, and nurse them through the female’s mammary glands, like humans and platypus.

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