10 Easy Sequential Steps to Write an Essay

      Learning how to write an essay can be an intense and intimidating process, but it should not be. Essay writing doesn’t have to involve too much trial and error. Writing an essay be fun and should promote an exciting experience to a writer.


essay writing 101

      To be able to fully understand what essay writing is all about and how it is successfully done, one should go through 10 easy sequential steps that guarantee a well-written essay paper.

  1. Research the topic- Once the essay topic has been given; begin the essay writing by researching a lot of information about the subject matter. Make yourself an expert by relying in different sources such as books, academic journals, online and interviews. The library will be your best friend if you want to have as much information as you needed to for the essay you are writing.
  2. Analyze the given data- With the gathered data, the next step will be analyzing what should be included and what should be excluded in the content of the paper. Analyze what your claims will be, your reasons as well as your evidences. It will also be helpful that on this writing stage, one will be able to examine how others are writing their essay. Read a lot of essay samples that is in accordance with what you are aiming for as a writer.
  3. Brainstorm the set of information- Brainstorming is a problem-solving technique that involves a free flow of ideas. As the writer, there will be a need for a lot of insight from your side as well as a lot of influences from other authors. Brainstorm all the ideas in your mind and come up with your original content.
  4. Formulate the Thesis Statement- Behind every good essay is a good thesis statement. The thesis statement is the best one-liner that describes what the essay is all about. It is the main point of the study and lets the reader know where the essay will be going. Formulate a thesis statement that best describes your essay.
  5. Create an outline- Outlining should be made halfway of the writing process. This is the process of mapping-out the whole manuscript. Select the main categories and briefly state in one-liners. Place in bullets the sub-categories for proper organization. Make sure to follow the outline you created to seal a good flow of content in the essay.
  6. Give a good Introduction- This is where the writing process officially begins. The introduction or the first paragraph of the essay should serve as a hook to catch the reader’s attention. Stage-up the sentence construction and give way to the thesis statement. The most common writing style found in introducing the thesis are beginning with a quotation, a question, a statistical data or an anecdote.
  7. Write the Body of the essay- The body of the essay is composed of different paragraphs. Each paragraph should highlight the main topic of the paper and support the thesis statement. All evidences and proofs should be transitioned and organized carefully in the clearest and understandable manner. Also keep in mind that a lot of in-text citations will appear in the body of the essay so follow the correct citation rules.
  8. Finding the best conclusion- Wrapping-up the context of the essay is one of the hardest parts of the writing process. The main goal of composing a conclusion or parting paragraph is to give a lasting impression to the readers. Restatements of the thesis statement, an interesting twist or a call to action are some of the ways to end an essay.
  9. Formatting the essay- The second to the last part of the essay writing is formatting with the correct citation guideline. All of the ideas that came from others should be cited in the body of the text. Ask your professor what format you will be required to use. The choice will fall to either MLA or APA style. In MLA, a Works Cited page should be made wherein all the references from the in-text citations should be arranged alphabetically. The same thing goes with APA but it is referred to as reference page.
  10. Proofreading- An essay will never be called done and accomplished without undergoing the process of proofreading. Grammar, punctuations as well as over-all content should be polished before printing and submitting the essay. Ensure that you followed all of the required necessities especially with the presentation of the paper. Follow the correct pagination, alignment and line spacing. Reread the paper and check with the spellings and poorly worded phrases.


      Knowing the 10 easy sequential steps in writing an essay will definitely help a beginner in how to put into action what is brewing in his or her mind. The study on how to effectively write an essay should be more of an open book where in a writer should be flexible with sudden changes and show adaptation with creativity on production of the essay.

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