How to Write a Book Report

Why should or shouldn’t one read the book? This is the question a book report answers. After reading a book you should think deeply on what you have just read and your understanding of it. To express your thoughts, some characteristics of summary and commentary will benefit you.

Regardless of the requirements, any book report or review has some general paragraphs which must be included. Undoubtedly, we must distinguish and remember about two different genres: fiction and non-fiction. Obviously, each of book reviews is going to be different.

So what are these paragraphs?

Book Report Writing Help

Book Report Writing Help

One of the most important things you have to mention in book report is the author(s) and the title of a book.  If you like, it can be underlined, but in any case it must be clear. It is necessary to provide with the information about its publication. You can mention the publisher, the year of publishing, quantity of printed copies, number of pages etc.

Another paragraph should define the style and genre of book. Here a brief overview of the book is needed. It is a concise plot summary. But it is not a retelling, just considering the author’s purpose, theme of the book. It can include some personal information about the author, that is, what life positions or experience, or beliefs incited him\her to choose this theme for his\her book. If it is non-fiction book, maybe some considerations on what is the author’s qualification on the topic. If it is fiction, mention the characters of the book, main in particular. You shouldn’t summarize each chapter, but give general idea, plot, topic, main points. Such technique will provide you with the introduction to the book report.

Next paragraph is the main part or body of report. It is the most troublesome part of you work. It must be well thought-out and complied as it reflects some thoughts of reviewer’s opinions about the book and how it fulfills the author’s theme intentions. It would be reasonable to write a thesis.

Analysis and\or critical evaluation of the book is rather essential as well. Here it is necessary to write your expressed views supported with the examples from the book. Present some own ideas about strong and weak points of the book. Do you agree with the author’s arguments, conclusions? Sometimes there is a need to compare reviewed book with another on similar subject. Some issues of the book must be explored.

The last and decisive paragraph is conclusion. Conclusion is the brief review of above mentioned thoughts, ideas and contemplations. Bridge all paragraphs briefly, express your likes and dislikes on the book, summarize your impressions. Has the book achieved the goals? Has the book satisfied your expectation.  Have you learned something from this book or not. If not, what would you recommend the author.  At the end of you book review you should write why would you recommend or not to others to read this book.

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