Choosing Essay Topic

Choosing the right topic is the first step towards producing an interesting essay. One must always consider the field he is most interested in so that the range of possible subjects will be narrowed down to a few number. This will enable the writer to sustain a certain level of interest towards producing the essay and, at the same time, ensure an enthusiastic tone in his writing.

After narrowing down the possible topics, one must determine the specific points he wants to discuss in the essay. He must ask himself what it is about, for example, poverty that he wants to discuss. Asking this is important because it will help him determine the scope of his essay. After determining this specific point, he must eliminate some of the topics and concentrate more on those which are more interesting for him and more relevant.

Essays are not made out of mere opinion. To make essays more profound, the opinion of the writer must be supported by facts or studies. This part entails thorough research because facts will make the essay credible. Doing a research on the remaining possible topics will also ascertain the feasibility of the essay topic.

From the steps above, one can already choose the essay topic that suits him best. If the final topic has already been chosen, the writer must do a more extensive research, understand the topic very well, write it in the most interesting way possible, and, of course, cite his sources.

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