Creativity and Experiences: The Core of Great Writings

Our dependence on online content has reached an unprecedented level since the turn of the millennium. In the last 5 years, the platforms we use to seek information have transformed, from our always-reliable desktop PC, and now to various mobile devices.

But what do we seek in the internet? We regularly encounter articles from different sites on the internet.  From news articles that feature the latest stock market rates, to feature sports articles bashing how LeBron James’ decision in leaving his original team to seek “greener pastures”.

great-creative-writingOnline articles are not only exclusive to sites from news companies or any “official” company nowadays. Articles can also be found even in an individual’s blog. They may write contents about anything under the sun, anything that fancies their attention.

Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? Write about this marvelous and quaint café you found in the outskirts of the Metro? Maybe perhaps write about how you care about the environment and bring the attention of government officials on what they should do?

Now if any of those interests you, then you better start reading.

There are hundreds and thousands of writers out there and their articles are not only reached through books and broadsheets, but also in countless blog sites as well as official organization sites.

You may find some articles boring with a monotonous tone while others will give a roller-coaster ride with their hilarious definition of the things they write about.

Trust me, you do not want to branded as a dull writer. You want your readers to appreciate what you put out there.  So where do you start? You must breathe-in and get a feel of the words and phrases of creative authors. Reading their material will teach you how to use your words, in a way that would help you churn out interesting and worthy articles.

I myself is a self-proclaimed blogger and I learned a lot from reading books, newspapers, magazines, and occasionally, personal blogs of people and their stories of getting through their lowest lows as well as their highest joys.

Secondly, you have to expose yourself in the world. Don’t take this literally. What I mean is that in your life, you have so much time to experience and travel around and learn from people that have their skin color different from yours. Be curious! Travel around! Ask why people do their stuff. Go where they go. Eat the delicacies they serve. Play with the kids and their way of playing their games (I know some people back in my province where they play basketball but with a different set of rules).  And most importantly, listen to what they have to say. Some would offer to tell you their unique stories just for them to vent it out. I know some would find conversing with a stranger is beyond their comfort-zones, but hey, the spontaneity and randomness of it would be worth it. In short, you got to break out from your shell and see the world around you.

Through these, you gain a very valuable pool of experience that will significantly help make you a better and creative writer.

Lastly, when you go finally back home and try to digest all of the things you have experience, now is the time for you to write it all out. It won’t matter whether you write in your personal laptop or a journal (but I do have some preference for journals, there’s that “authentic feel” when you write in it).

When you start typing your initial phrases, make sure you don’t become too logical, just pour out how you feel about the stuff you ought to write. Let your mind be guided by your emotions as this will give a unique authenticity of the piece you are making.

As my final advice, never stop writing and never stop being curious. It’s not all the time that you would churn out great and screamingly awesome articles, but as long as you learn from your past articles, you would eventually be branded a creative writer.

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