Getting the Right Thesis Topic Ideas

thesis-topic-ideasWhen I was on the process of choosing thesis topic ideas to finish my Master’s degree, I was completely overwhelmed. The realization of finally getting my diploma after four years made me excited and anxious.

I made other research papers in the past but having to complete my thesis was an entirely different thing. There are millions of possibilities to explore and there a couple of essential elements that needs to be considered prior to thesis topic selection. The selected thesis topic should hype your enthusiasm to the maximum level.  It has to be creative yet original, novel and enticing.

To help you in pick you own thesis topic ideas, I have listed down some steps that students should try to avoid.

  1. Thinking that the “right” thesis topic would just fall from the sky. I have met someone from my department who thought the same way. He was perhaps anticipating the “Eureka” instance. That seldom happens. I have yet to meet someone who has able to come up with the topic overnight. Before you could come up with a feasible topic, preliminary research should be done first. This will allow you to check whether the idea is manageable or it’s time to consider another topic.
  2. Asking almost everyone for what they think is a good thesis topic. This might help to some extent but asking people who are not knowledgeable of your field of study probably would not help at all. Having your thesis topic approved by your thesis advisor is a must but asking them on what topic to work on is a bad idea. Your thesis advisor expects you to come up with your own set of questions to ponder on.
  3. Reading, reading and reading and not actually starting with anything. As I mentioned a while ago, preliminary research is important in determining the best thesis topic ideas suitable to your skills, capabilities and resources. A common mistake made by students is that they just tend to have spent most of their time reading but they have not actually commenced their research. A good method to break the habit of endless search for a topic is to set a time frame and a goal. For example, within two weeks I should have a topic now and ready to start the thesis proposal.
  4. Picking a topic that is either too arduous or too constricted. A topic that is overly ambitious can be a big problem as the research goes by. There may be too many variables and elements in the topic that the thesis needs more time to be finished. On the other hand, a topic that is too limited can only make the whole thesis impossible. My friend opted to work on a thesis regarding cyber bullying. However, she had to change the topic as the resources on cyber bullying are somehow limited.

The most fundamental piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you know what you want to achieve after getting the diploma. Do you have any plans of pursuing the topic you worked on after graduation? Do you plan on getting your thesis published? The choices are not easy; you have to map out your plan on the beginning to ensure the rest of the thesis will be easier for you.

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