How to Start Writing an Essay

Writing an essay has never been a simple task as many people have found it to be. However, if one clearly follows all the given instruction it becomes fun and pretty simple. Once you are given an essay topic to write about, you should familiarize yourself with it and make sure you understand it fully. This will be through carrying out a thorough research about the given topic. You can research relevant materials about the topic on the internet, public libraries or in virtual libraries and note them down.

Nevertheless you should remember that no plagiarism is accepted. That is why you should rephrase all information taken from different sources.

Having learnt about the subject, analyze it critically through its feeble and strong points. Craft original insights by coming up with a vivid thesis statement that will inform the reader what your work will be about. With these points jot down an outline of the thoughts you are going to discuss by using bullet points to sketch out the structure of your paragraphs.

Having all these ideas clearly structured you can now begin your essay with an introduction. Always remember that your introduction is one of the key parts that will determine whether the reader will be fascinated to continue reading your work or quit. In the body context, ensure that your paragraphs are legible and talk to the reader in a prudent manner. The sentences should be developed on opinions that support the thesis statement you chose.

Finally, conclude your work with something that is memorable like challenging a reader to take certain actions. Cite your work as per the referencing style given and open up a new page at the bottom of the conclusion of the reference list. After that proofread it to correct typos and other mistakes you may have committed.

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