Some Tips To Make Essay Paper Writing Easier And Faster

Just like what Plato said in his book The Republic about the Natural Social Order of Man, wherein the head of the society are the leaders, the body is the soldiers and the feet are the workers; writing an essay is allegorically like the Social Order of Man.

Essay is composed of Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Writing an essay is similar to a composition of the man wherein there is a head, a body and a conclusion. To write an essay faster, the most basic format is the 5 paragraph format; wherein it is composed of a 1 paragraph for the Introduction, 3 for the body and 1 for the conclusion. When a writer learns this kind of format, he/she can practically write an essay faster and effectively.

The first and the very important part of an essay is the Introduction. It is the very important mainly because it sets the tone and form of the essay. Usually, there are a lot of kinds of word structure for the Introduction. For example are the Quotations that are related from the topic of the essay, historical facts, current happenings and events, social relevant news, certain facts, a personal experience, a recently acquired data and the like. Introduction like these can call the attention of the readers and give them a kind of hint of what the essay is all about. More importantly, it can set the tone of the essay and connect it to the next part of the essay.

writing-essay-paper-fasterThe second part of an essay is the Body. It gives the sufficient details to support the topic of the essay. Usually, the Body is composed of the opinions of the writer about the topic. It is supported by facts and details gathered by the writer and connecting it to form a logical sense about the topic so that the structure of the body can be meaningful and can be easily understood by the readers. It is structured as: Main detail then supporting details and a bit of summary in the end.

Last but not the least is the Conclusion. It gives the essay a formal closure and ending. The Conclusion is usually composed of any of the following structures: a summary of the whole essay, a statement of the side of the writer in the essay, a quotation, a hanging question for the readers, a call for action for the readers or for the issues tackled in the essay, a suggestion from the writer and the like. It is very important to close the essay formally in order to give a proper ending for the essay and to make the readers think that the essay is formally done and closed.

These are the basic parts of the essay; the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. These parts can give the writers a pattern so that they can write an essay faster and structure an essay more properly. With these parts, writers can have an idea how to write an essay effectively and they can write essays more easily and faster.

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