Food Inc. Movie Review

Discuss Issues, Raised in the Film from the Perspective of Engineering Ethics, Professional Responsibility and Conflict of Interests.

A fascinating documentary Food Inc., directed by Robert Kenner reveals provocative and shocking facts concerning the unknown, dark side of the American food industry. Exploring the overall process of production and processing of food on its way to end consumer, it explains why and how one of the most vital spheres of human activity became controlled by a few acquisitive and powerful corporations, which set own profit above consumer health. It shows cruel treatment of animals in factory farms, flagrant violation of workers’ rights and irresponsible attitude to environment, typical for this highly mechanized and totally commercialized process. The unanimous opinion, derived from interviews with investigating authors Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan, oppressed and progressive farmers, food safety advocates and government representatives is that modern food industry, receiving huge profits, implements unethical, unsustainable and unsafe methods and technologies, consequently producing unhealthy food, which puts at risk human health and life. (more…)

Essay on Organizational Culture

Is culture manageable?

Organizational culture is usually shaped during a long period of time, and it includes different rituals, symbols, stories, etc., that help to identify organization and allow the employees to feel their direct participation in company’s life. The point is that organizational culture emerges as a result of organization’s founder vision of it and the main goals that have been set for a particular organization. So, very complex process takes place while the establishment of organization’s culture. First of all, the right people must be found and hired for suitable positions. It means that employees should think and act as creators of organization do, and their style of work should be acceptable for organization’s concept that have been chosen.  Secondly, the relevant organizational structure must be implemented to ensure the effective functioning of company. Lastly, the founder should behave in proper way, to be an example for other members of organization.


Business Ethics


From the beginning of 1970s, ethical practices in business gained more importance, and since then corporations have tackled this aspect in their businesses in different ways (Wood, 691). A close examination reveals that ethics and social responsibility within corporations, in this period of conscience focused business environment of the 21st century, is more important for corporations than ever before.


Essay on GOOGLE Inc.

Registration The registration for search engine companies is important because the Internet’s exponential growth placed strains on the somewhat ad hoc system for managing the DNS, and what had been primarily technical issues became political, legal, and economic problems that attracted high-level official attention. Registration means that a company goes public offering “an estimate of what the company believes it may be able to raise with its initial public offering” (Olsen, Kawamoto, 2004). It is important to note that Google is going to use an auction in order to raise its offering. (more…)

Essay on Starbucks’ Strategic Framework

An international corporation, which has gained the “Great Place to Work” Award for credibility, was founded in Seattle’s Pike Place Market in 1971. For 25 years, Starbucks Corporation was well-known for its different types of coffees, premium teas, and beverages in the North America only; but, since 1996, when the first overseas coffeehouse was opened in Tokyo, Japan, the number of outlets has already come to 10,000 locations and more than 117,000 workers worldwide. It does not stand still even now: every day the corporation opens 5 new stores overseas. They are proud to be among the Fortune’s 100 Best Places to Work and, for the fourth time, to be one of Business Ethics’ 100 Best Corporate Citizens. Starbucks Corporation states that every partner/worker has a voice and this statement sets a feeling of dignity and solidarity, which makes them work better and, thus, brings them to a higher level of quality and quantity. (more…)

Big Bad Walmart – Essay

The competitive landscape is changing the methods in which the businesses are conducted all over the world. Employees are considered as the backbone of the companies. The changing business environment has spurred the management of companies to find new ways in order to make the employees more efficient and productive. Market performance of such giant as Wal-Mart suggests that outsourcing is not the best way for the country’s economy. In general, the benefits of outsourcing are becoming well known, particularly in light of the HR priorities and objectives (strategic focus, flexibility, cost-containment, and service). Out­sourcing can help minimize costs by externalizing routine or low value administrative tasks; thereby enabling HR departments to focus more on value-creating activities an organization cannot perform internally. On the other hand, the general rate of poverty has a negative impact consumers and their socio-economic state. It was found that “the presence of Wal-Mart unequivocally raised family poverty rates in US counties during the 1990s relative to places that had no such stores” (Goetz, Swaminathan, 2004, p.12). (more…)

Essay on Nike

There are such brands in the world which don’t need to be explained or mentioned for the second time. It’s known all over the world that the most popular drink is Coca Cola; the most popular fast food corporation is McDonald’s etc. Nike tends to be a leader in the production of sport apparel and equipment. Maybe someone will hesitate, what about Reebok and other sport companies? Well, yes that is true, they are great and huge, but no one is competitive enough with Nike’s line of shoes production. If you’ve never known this or never believed, here you will find every proof and will be persuaded to except this opinion.
First of all, what is Nike itself? (more…)

Essay on Starbucks

The first section of the paper defines and explains the concepts surrounding Starbucks Company.

The major task of this paper is to investigate the issues of multinational cultural diversity and affirmative action. The paper also covers such important aspects as the effectiveness of the policy existing within the company, as well as discusses the major measures that can be applied so as to improve the effectiveness of company’s performance at the market. Finally, circumvention and effective control issues are discussed.