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10 Easy Sequential Steps to Write an Essay

      Learning how to write an essay can be an intense and intimidating process, but it should not be. Essay writing doesn’t have to involve too much trial and error. Writing an essay be fun and should promote an exciting experience to a writer.


essay writing 101

      To be able to fully understand what essay writing is all about and how it is successfully done, one should go through 10 easy sequential steps that guarantee a well-written essay paper.

  1. Research the topic- Once the essay topic has been given; begin the essay writing by researching a lot of information about the subject matter. Make yourself an expert by relying in different sources such as books, academic journals, online and interviews. The library will be your best friend if you want to have as much information as you needed to for the essay you are writing.
  2. Analyze the given data- With the gathered data, the next step will be analyzing what should be included and what should be excluded in the content of the paper. Analyze what your claims will be, your reasons as well as your evidences. It will also be helpful that on this writing stage, one will be able to examine how others are writing their essay. Read a lot of essay samples that is in accordance with what you are aiming for as a writer.
  3. Brainstorm the set of information- Brainstorming is a problem-solving technique that involves a free flow of ideas. As the writer, there will be a need for a lot of insight from your side as well as a lot of influences from other authors. Brainstorm all the ideas in your mind and come up with your original content.
  4. Formulate the Thesis Statement- Behind every good essay is a good thesis statement. The thesis statement is the best one-liner that describes what the essay is all about. It is the main point of the study and lets the reader know where the essay will be going. Formulate a thesis statement that best describes your essay.
  5. Create an outline- Outlining should be made halfway of the writing process. This is the process of mapping-out the whole manuscript. Select the main categories and briefly state in one-liners. Place in bullets the sub-categories for proper organization. Make sure to follow the outline you created to seal a good flow of content in the essay.
  6. Give a good Introduction- This is where the writing process officially begins. The introduction or the first paragraph of the essay should serve as a hook to catch the reader’s attention. Stage-up the sentence construction and give way to the thesis statement. The most common writing style found in introducing the thesis are beginning with a quotation, a question, a statistical data or an anecdote.
  7. Write the Body of the essay- The body of the essay is composed of different paragraphs. Each paragraph should highlight the main topic of the paper and support the thesis statement. All evidences and proofs should be transitioned and organized carefully in the clearest and understandable manner. Also keep in mind that a lot of in-text citations will appear in the body of the essay so follow the correct citation rules.
  8. Finding the best conclusion- Wrapping-up the context of the essay is one of the hardest parts of the writing process. The main goal of composing a conclusion or parting paragraph is to give a lasting impression to the readers. Restatements of the thesis statement, an interesting twist or a call to action are some of the ways to end an essay.
  9. Formatting the essay- The second to the last part of the essay writing is formatting with the correct citation guideline. All of the ideas that came from others should be cited in the body of the text. Ask your professor what format you will be required to use. The choice will fall to either MLA or APA style. In MLA, a Works Cited page should be made wherein all the references from the in-text citations should be arranged alphabetically. The same thing goes with APA but it is referred to as reference page.
  10. Proofreading- An essay will never be called done and accomplished without undergoing the process of proofreading. Grammar, punctuations as well as over-all content should be polished before printing and submitting the essay. Ensure that you followed all of the required necessities especially with the presentation of the paper. Follow the correct pagination, alignment and line spacing. Reread the paper and check with the spellings and poorly worded phrases.


      Knowing the 10 easy sequential steps in writing an essay will definitely help a beginner in how to put into action what is brewing in his or her mind. The study on how to effectively write an essay should be more of an open book where in a writer should be flexible with sudden changes and show adaptation with creativity on production of the essay.

Easiest Way to Write Essays Faster

Writing an essay has always been an integral part of the academic life. Essays, which are written compositions about any topic from a writer’s point of view aim to express ideas that are intended to inform, explain, persuade, and even entertain the reader. While anyone who has done it at least once before practically can write an essay, writing an essay well on the other hand, is a skill that must be honed through continuous reading and practice. Hence, to be able to write an essay faster entails the writer to be skilled enough to clearly, and if possible (and allowable) creatively present ideas that will achieve the goal of the essay.

First, the writer should be at least familiar enough already with the essay topic. Nowadays, various sources of information are already available at one’s fingertips. Even academic institutions already provide remote access to a wide variety of resources. The goal is to be able to collate as much relevant and valid information as possible to be cited as sources for the essay.

Easiest Way to write essays fasterSecond, the writer should know the target readers of the essay. What is the intended purpose of writing the essay? Will the readers be able to easily grasp the content of the writing? The writer should be able to put himself in their shoes in order to indentify the best way to effectively convey his message.

Third, the writer should pay attention to the specifications given, if there is any. Technical instructions may cover the number of words, paragraphs, etc. It is important that from the very start the writer is already aware of these instructions in order to save time and energy.

It is important to remember that writing well is a skill and that every skill entails practice to achieve mastery. Exposure to different reading materials is vital not only in building a huge vocabulary bank but also in learning different styles of writing. Reading activities coupled with constant writing has always been a tried and tested way to improve writing skills.

To be able to force yourself to practice writing, devote at least an hour a day to hone your skill. Be sure to time yourself each time you do your writing exercise so that you are aware of how much time you take to come up with an essay. Set your goal time and surprise yourself with the outputs that you can generate with the amount of time you have specified.
Once you are pleased with your work, have other people to take a look at it. Consultation and advices from mentors and peers will definitely be a great help in order to pin down the aspects that the writer has to work on. Being open to constructive criticisms is very helpful in gauging one’s level of progress in terms of writing.

With constant practice to improve on both these content and structure aspects, any aspiring writer is on his way to write with confidence and speed.

Some Tips To Make Essay Paper Writing Easier And Faster

Just like what Plato said in his book The Republic about the Natural Social Order of Man, wherein the head of the society are the leaders, the body is the soldiers and the feet are the workers; writing an essay is allegorically like the Social Order of Man.

Essay is composed of Introduction, Body and Conclusion. Writing an essay is similar to a composition of the man wherein there is a head, a body and a conclusion. To write an essay faster, the most basic format is the 5 paragraph format; wherein it is composed of a 1 paragraph for the Introduction, 3 for the body and 1 for the conclusion. When a writer learns this kind of format, he/she can practically write an essay faster and effectively.

The first and the very important part of an essay is the Introduction. It is the very important mainly because it sets the tone and form of the essay. Usually, there are a lot of kinds of word structure for the Introduction. For example are the Quotations that are related from the topic of the essay, historical facts, current happenings and events, social relevant news, certain facts, a personal experience, a recently acquired data and the like. Introduction like these can call the attention of the readers and give them a kind of hint of what the essay is all about. More importantly, it can set the tone of the essay and connect it to the next part of the essay.

writing-essay-paper-fasterThe second part of an essay is the Body. It gives the sufficient details to support the topic of the essay. Usually, the Body is composed of the opinions of the writer about the topic. It is supported by facts and details gathered by the writer and connecting it to form a logical sense about the topic so that the structure of the body can be meaningful and can be easily understood by the readers. It is structured as: Main detail then supporting details and a bit of summary in the end.

Last but not the least is the Conclusion. It gives the essay a formal closure and ending. The Conclusion is usually composed of any of the following structures: a summary of the whole essay, a statement of the side of the writer in the essay, a quotation, a hanging question for the readers, a call for action for the readers or for the issues tackled in the essay, a suggestion from the writer and the like. It is very important to close the essay formally in order to give a proper ending for the essay and to make the readers think that the essay is formally done and closed.

These are the basic parts of the essay; the Introduction, Body and Conclusion. These parts can give the writers a pattern so that they can write an essay faster and structure an essay more properly. With these parts, writers can have an idea how to write an essay effectively and they can write essays more easily and faster.

Creativity and Experiences: The Core of Great Writings

Our dependence on online content has reached an unprecedented level since the turn of the millennium. In the last 5 years, the platforms we use to seek information have transformed, from our always-reliable desktop PC, and now to various mobile devices.

But what do we seek in the internet? We regularly encounter articles from different sites on the internet.  From news articles that feature the latest stock market rates, to feature sports articles bashing how LeBron James’ decision in leaving his original team to seek “greener pastures”.

great-creative-writingOnline articles are not only exclusive to sites from news companies or any “official” company nowadays. Articles can also be found even in an individual’s blog. They may write contents about anything under the sun, anything that fancies their attention.

Have you ever thought of starting your own blog? Write about this marvelous and quaint café you found in the outskirts of the Metro? Maybe perhaps write about how you care about the environment and bring the attention of government officials on what they should do?

Now if any of those interests you, then you better start reading.

There are hundreds and thousands of writers out there and their articles are not only reached through books and broadsheets, but also in countless blog sites as well as official organization sites.

You may find some articles boring with a monotonous tone while others will give a roller-coaster ride with their hilarious definition of the things they write about.

Trust me, you do not want to branded as a dull writer. You want your readers to appreciate what you put out there.  So where do you start? You must breathe-in and get a feel of the words and phrases of creative authors. Reading their material will teach you how to use your words, in a way that would help you churn out interesting and worthy articles.

I myself is a self-proclaimed blogger and I learned a lot from reading books, newspapers, magazines, and occasionally, personal blogs of people and their stories of getting through their lowest lows as well as their highest joys.

Secondly, you have to expose yourself in the world. Don’t take this literally. What I mean is that in your life, you have so much time to experience and travel around and learn from people that have their skin color different from yours. Be curious! Travel around! Ask why people do their stuff. Go where they go. Eat the delicacies they serve. Play with the kids and their way of playing their games (I know some people back in my province where they play basketball but with a different set of rules).  And most importantly, listen to what they have to say. Some would offer to tell you their unique stories just for them to vent it out. I know some would find conversing with a stranger is beyond their comfort-zones, but hey, the spontaneity and randomness of it would be worth it. In short, you got to break out from your shell and see the world around you.

Through these, you gain a very valuable pool of experience that will significantly help make you a better and creative writer.

Lastly, when you go finally back home and try to digest all of the things you have experience, now is the time for you to write it all out. It won’t matter whether you write in your personal laptop or a journal (but I do have some preference for journals, there’s that “authentic feel” when you write in it).

When you start typing your initial phrases, make sure you don’t become too logical, just pour out how you feel about the stuff you ought to write. Let your mind be guided by your emotions as this will give a unique authenticity of the piece you are making.

As my final advice, never stop writing and never stop being curious. It’s not all the time that you would churn out great and screamingly awesome articles, but as long as you learn from your past articles, you would eventually be branded a creative writer.

Getting the Right Thesis Topic Ideas

thesis-topic-ideasWhen I was on the process of choosing thesis topic ideas to finish my Master’s degree, I was completely overwhelmed. The realization of finally getting my diploma after four years made me excited and anxious.

I made other research papers in the past but having to complete my thesis was an entirely different thing. There are millions of possibilities to explore and there a couple of essential elements that needs to be considered prior to thesis topic selection. The selected thesis topic should hype your enthusiasm to the maximum level.  It has to be creative yet original, novel and enticing.

To help you in pick you own thesis topic ideas, I have listed down some steps that students should try to avoid.

  1. Thinking that the “right” thesis topic would just fall from the sky. I have met someone from my department who thought the same way. He was perhaps anticipating the “Eureka” instance. That seldom happens. I have yet to meet someone who has able to come up with the topic overnight. Before you could come up with a feasible topic, preliminary research should be done first. This will allow you to check whether the idea is manageable or it’s time to consider another topic.
  2. Asking almost everyone for what they think is a good thesis topic. This might help to some extent but asking people who are not knowledgeable of your field of study probably would not help at all. Having your thesis topic approved by your thesis advisor is a must but asking them on what topic to work on is a bad idea. Your thesis advisor expects you to come up with your own set of questions to ponder on.
  3. Reading, reading and reading and not actually starting with anything. As I mentioned a while ago, preliminary research is important in determining the best thesis topic ideas suitable to your skills, capabilities and resources. A common mistake made by students is that they just tend to have spent most of their time reading but they have not actually commenced their research. A good method to break the habit of endless search for a topic is to set a time frame and a goal. For example, within two weeks I should have a topic now and ready to start the thesis proposal.
  4. Picking a topic that is either too arduous or too constricted. A topic that is overly ambitious can be a big problem as the research goes by. There may be too many variables and elements in the topic that the thesis needs more time to be finished. On the other hand, a topic that is too limited can only make the whole thesis impossible. My friend opted to work on a thesis regarding cyber bullying. However, she had to change the topic as the resources on cyber bullying are somehow limited.

The most fundamental piece of advice I can offer is to make sure you know what you want to achieve after getting the diploma. Do you have any plans of pursuing the topic you worked on after graduation? Do you plan on getting your thesis published? The choices are not easy; you have to map out your plan on the beginning to ensure the rest of the thesis will be easier for you.

How to Start Writing an Essay

Writing an essay has never been a simple task as many people have found it to be. However, if one clearly follows all the given instruction it becomes fun and pretty simple. Once you are given an essay topic to write about, you should familiarize yourself with it and make sure you understand it fully. This will be through carrying out a thorough research about the given topic. You can research relevant materials about the topic on the internet, public libraries or in virtual libraries and note them down.

Choosing Essay Topic

Choosing the right topic is the first step towards producing an interesting essay. One must always consider the field he is most interested in so that the range of possible subjects will be narrowed down to a few number. This will enable the writer to sustain a certain level of interest towards producing the essay and, at the same time, ensure an enthusiastic tone in his writing.

Essay Outline Writing

When students work on research papers, they always follow an outline. It is very important because if they don’t their work will turn out messy and confusing. The same situation is with essays, yes, essays sometimes require outlines too as such an essay outline can help making it easier to work on your essay.
Outlines actually help make a paper with better results rather than a disorganized one. They help writers arrange their thoughts and keep them in line since when you work on essays you must have a lot of information in hand.
Outline is like a plan, with which we can work on things carefully and lessen the number of mistakes. When we write our essays, it is important we have an essay outline. Others may say that they can go right ahead and make their essay without outlines but actually without it, essays are often confusing.

Essay Outline Writing
An essay outline helps the writer to organize thoughts and keep his readers informed step by step. Besides it feels like one story followed by another one, which makes the essay more interesting. You can’t have the conclusion come first without explanation right? Your reader would have no clue of things you are talking about.
Thus essays need outlines like any other paper work. Essay outlines are sometimes a requirement not just for the sake of formality but for the writers. They will help them improve their way of composing essays and make those better so that the readers won’t be bored reading.
Essays were meant to be helpful for those who read them and so it is better when there is a followed outline to keep it organized. We all know that well-organized thoughts inform better and the readers will appreciate your work more when they see and understand the structure of your essay. They would appreciate a good and understandable way of telling things one by one for them to absorb.

Critical Analysis Essay Writing

When a person thinks “critically” it means they think in a critical manner – they pay attention to every flaw of a certain object. And when we talk about “analysis” it is when we investigate further than the obvious proof, we dig for more information and study more. These two words are very important for understanding of what a critical analysis essay is. With these two, we can say that when we make a critical analysis essay we must think of things carefully and make sure we’ve researched enough, because there is more than meets the eye, there is more to know.

Autobiographical Essay

Do you know what it’s like to be famous? Of course, it’s wonderful! People write about you and talk about you. And some write the story of your life… But did you know that anyone can write the story of another person’s life. We call it autobiography and sometimes it takes a lot to make one good autobiographical essay and make the best autobiography.

An autobiographical essay isn’t really something to be annoyed of. In fact, it’s fun to do. Think of it this way, isn’t it cool to find out some great story behind an average person such as your school janitor, your terror teacher, or maybe even your school principal? If you worked on that you would be surely amazed by change of your attitude as these kinds of people always sound scary, but when you find out their story everything turns upside down. Why? There are instances that your terror teacher is a loving mom at home, and of course you didn’t think of that because she always scared you.

Autobiographical Essay Writing Help

Autobiographical Essay Writing Help

When you write autobiographical essay you learn to state facts too. And it is important you take note of important dates. Another important thing is that you should state the person’s accomplishments too, because this isn’t just to make your composition long but this is to inspire the readers. Don’t include unimportant details such as childhood unless it is somehow related to your goal. And your goal is to tell about the whole person’s life in a short snap, in a way that you feel you’re proud of that person and that you want to show the world what he’s done.

Some would include details on how their chosen person died; after all it is also the part of their lives. But don’t forget to pin point events wherein they mattered so much, the things they’ve done and their dreams.

Comparison and Contrast Essay

One of the complex types of essays is the compare and contrast essay. You have to bring two topics into the spotlight while talking about their differences and their similarities. This essay type also has some format that should be followed by the writers, so that it is considered as compare and contrast essay.

Most of the time, you can always look for things in life where you can compare them at the same time look for the details that they are dissimilar. But since there are a lot of things that we can always jive into one, the best thing to connect these two details is writing a compare and contrast essay.


How to Write a Book Report

Why should or shouldn’t one read the book? This is the question a book report answers. After reading a book you should think deeply on what you have just read and your understanding of it. To express your thoughts, some characteristics of summary and commentary will benefit you.

Using Online Sources in a research paper: Pros and Cons

At least once in our life we were faced with the need to write a research paper. Some of us have to do it almost on a daily basis, but even being used to this kind of task we always have to decide what sources to use to back up our points or facts.

Today in the world of modern technology temptation to use internet as your main source is too hard to resist. But as in any other option this choice brings its own benefits and risks.

How to Make a Successful Presentation

‘There always three speeches, for everyone you actually gave. The one you practiced, the one you gave, and the one you wish you gave’, Dale Carnegie, an American writer and a big name in public speaking development. This implies that a speechification or presentation is a great big deal for each speaker, so this requires thorough preparation. Of course, there exist infinite number of ways how to keep your end up while making presentation or giving a talk, yet the following highlights cast light upon the most effective and practical ones.