Essay on Aggression in Children and Gender Differences

Aggression is a word that is part of everyday language and appears misleadingly unambiguous. The Oxford dictionary defines aggression as an unprovoked attack or assault.Moyer (1968) presented an early, and highly influential, classification of seven different forms of aggression, from a biological and evolutionary point of view.


Essay on Children’s Social and Emotional Development

Although there are considerable data on the relation of positive and negative social behaviors such as friendly interaction and aggression to social sociometric status, there is relatively little information on the role of individual differences in children’s emotionality (i.e., intensity and valence of emotion) and emotion-related regulation in their social status. This is surprising given that individual differences in emotionality and regulation have been viewed as causes (or at least correlates) of many of the positive and negative behaviors that have been linked to social competence and peer status. Thus, the relations of prosocial or aggressive behaviors to social status are likely to be due in part to individual differences in regulatory skills and emotionality that underlie positive and negative behavior. (more…)