Essay on Native Americans in Modern Society

by Lorraine McCurdy

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Native American culture and identity represent a unique combination of historical, economic, political, religious and diverse cultural influences. Impressions and interpretation of the land and the traditions shaped American culture brining unique beliefs and aspirations followed and shared by millions of Americans. This survival of a close link between religion and ethnic identity helps to understand the way Americans tend to think and act. Globalization and integration processes have forced many Native Americans to assimilate and become a part of the American society. According to statistical results, “the Native Americans population is growing. According to the 2000 census data, there are 2.5 million Native Americans in the United States, up from 1.9 million in 1990” (Morton 2002, p.37). In spite of great benefits and advantages, assimilation into American culture brings Native Americans grievances and disillusions. Thesis Assimilation and new social changes have brought Native Americans such problems as alcoholism and infectious diseases, false social images in media have resulted in lack of social support and negative stereotyping which cause great suffering and psychological burden to native population. (more…)

Internet Love

My friend says: “Justin is such a wonderful man. He is sweet, and smart, and caring. I’m so in love with him.”

I say: “I’m so glad for you. How long have you been dating?”

She says: “8 months.”

I say: “That’s quite a time. Where do you usually spend evenings?”

She says:” Facebook.” (more…)

Women and Cosmetics: A Persistent Desire

Women love to beautify themselves intensively and it is their eternal desire to look beautiful and different from other women. Some women are naturally very beautiful and do not need any make up. But cosmetics help women to enhance their beauty and they completely change their outlook and appearance.


Age Discrimination at the Work Place

Discrimination is considered as the act of treating others in a biased manner. This unfair treatment may be directed to either an individual or a section of workers. There are various types of discrimination in society. This paper will examine age-based types of discrimination in the work place. Governments and organizations are committed to ensuring that there are no forms of prejudice (Todds 11). However, there are high levels of prejudiced practices in many places of work. Traits of such abuse are harbored by both old and young workers.


Essay on Stereotypes of Older Adults

Our society is filled with lots of stereotypes and prejudices based on them. These stereotypes appear as generalized opinions and they form the attitudes to people who are pretended to fall under those stereotypes. Stereotyping influences treatment and estimation of humans’ characteristics and behavior. But it is impossible to say whether this or that stereotype is real for a particular person. So people must try to stay rather objective in order to avoid prejudices, conflict situations, misunderstanding and other negative impacts.


Argumentative Essay. “Romantic love is not a good basis for marriage”

The notion of marriage as an institution which necessarily preserves the vital social values of stability, continuity and propriety, only at the cost of brutally suppressing equally powerful individual needs, naturally comes under scrutiny. During the XX century, there have been heated discussions concerning romantic love and its impact on long-lasting relations. Some people suppose that pre-arranged marriage ensures long-lasting relations based on trust and financial gain, but it is also profoundly dangerous precisely because it can release and feed as many urges as it satisfies. They state that romantic love is not a good basis for marriage. Thesis Romantic love is a good basis for marriage because it ensures warm and friendly relations between spouses; it has a positive impact on human relations and their development, and ensures loving and friendly relations with children as “product” of love.


Essay on Transformations of The Modern World

Globalization influences all spheres of life including economic development and social dimensions, migration and labor relations, consumption and production. The dominant form of global ideology is that of economic neoliberalism. Neoliberalism is the semi-official philosophy of the United States government, of the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund, as well as most university departments of economics and many political and financial organizations, such as the Trilateral Commission.


Essay on Advances in women’s rights since 1920

Two waves of changes have brought new legal and social rights to women in the XXth century. They happened between periods of 1921-1926 and 1965-1986. During the first period, women have gained a right to vote and some social rights, including acceptable working conditions and minimum wages. On the other hand, second wave, which has caused numerous debates, had made men and women equal before the law. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) was thought to grant a definitive protection to women and was adopted in 1972. While women have gained many of the same rights and privileges of men since the 20’s, they are still discriminated against through a lack of comparable sexual freedom and in the workplace with less compensation for the same work.


Essay on Statement of Leadership Philosophy

Leadership requires many of the characteristics common to all leaders, but also requires special abilities to manage any employee accordingly to his psychological and professional needs. Personal leadership style is a unique combination of different principles and strategies aimed to motivate and inspire employees, manage and control their works in order to achieve organizational or project objectives and goals. (more…)

Essay on Illegal Immigration. Professional Workplace Dilemma

The ethical issue that I experienced was related to the illegal immigrants and employment. I’m in charge of a prepaid phone cards company where 20 people work. Some time ago I had to fire three of my employees because I discovered that they are illegal immigrants. It was difficult for me to make this decision about firing them because I’m an immigrant myself but I came to the United States legally. I went through the whole process of obtaining citizenship card and I thought that these three people should go through the same procedure to legalize their work status in the United States. (more…)

Essay on Homosexual Relationship

Why such couples as Paola and Paolo should be allowed to get married and adopt children

Paolo and Paola (who was also Paolo by his birth) are the two happiest people in the whole universe. They are two Italians that immigrated to the USA searching for radiant future. They are a very nice couple: Paolo is a shortish cute man of 29, a bit balding but this makes him charming, with eagle-eyes and magnetic smile; Paola is a slim and lanky 35 year old person that possesses a good sense of humor but is very vulnerable and sensitive. So they make up a perfect loving couple. (more…)

Essay on Burke’s Conception of Society

Burke’s view of society is dominated by a historical perspective. He saw the state as the result of a process of historical growth which he often likened to that undergone by living organisms. Similarly incapable of surviving dissection, the state was also greater and more complex than any of the parts which made it up. He saw the ensemble of relationships compris­ing society as ultimately dependent on the habitual responses of the individuals composing it. His views on society, its functions and structure duffer from his predecessors and were influenced by new revolutionary ideas marked the 18th century and new social imperative. (more…)

Essay on Nursing Home Environments

At present there are over 19,000 nursing homes in the United States (approximately 75 percent of them proprietary, 20 percent nonprofit, and 5 percent government-operated). The annual cost per resident in these homes ranges from an average of $28,000 in the northeastern states to $20,000 in the south. About 51 percent of such costs is paid directly by the elderly and their families; Medicaid covers about 44 percent, Medicare less than 2 percent, private insurance about 1 percent, and other government sources the rest. The small amount of coverage from Medicare and private insurance means that nursing home care is now the largest single health care cost paid for “out-of-pocket” by the elderly who do not rely on Medicaid. (more…)

Essay on Motivation for Children

The article under analysis is devoted to important problems of motivation and its impact on education both at home and school environment. The purpose of learning is to get through experience. Unfortunately, many educators and parents forget about these principles “doing what children need to do” (Rich, 2005). The educational world must be measured by quality and professionalism based on professional ethics and learning activities. Thesis Adults (teachers and parents) should motivate students to apply their knowledge into practice helping them to performance well, but without constant support and tension.


Essay on Minimum Drinking Age in the U.S. (Argumentative Paper)

Today, the problem of alcoholism becomes an issue of the day. About 85% of all US residents have had an alcohol-containing drink at least once in their lives and about 51% of US adults are current users of alcohol. Alcohol related disorder constitute the third largest health problem in US today after heart disease and cancer. Children at high risk for alcohol-related disorder have been found in experimental studies to have a range of deficits on neurocognitive testing (Hanson, 1996).


Essay on Discrimination

Racial discrimination and profiling are the main troubles faced by many Asian immigrants coming to America. In contrast to traditional discrimination against black population, Asian Americans have suffered from cultural misunderstanding and stereotyping which affected their life, educational and job opportunities. According to statistical results, “While the Asian-Pacific population in the United States grew from one million in 1965 to over nine million in 1995, the proportion of the native-born dropped from 60 percent to around 30 percent” (Yin 1998, 330). Since 1920s, there was a great shift in multicultural relations towards acceptance and understanding of Asian Americans, their values and traditions by majority.


Essay on Gender Issues

Gender issues have a great impact on ethical decision-making and morals of people. Scientific studies prove that there is a difference between norms and values applied by men and women to ethical decision-making. When researchers speak about gender they also speak about hierarchy, power, and inequality, not simply difference. Recent years, ethical duties and obligations which are set forth become enshrined in custom and law, and people stop giving them or their consequences much thought – they are simply assumed to be correct. (more…)

Essay on Impact and Effects of Advertising on Young Children

Advertising is a major revenue source for mass media. Television networks, newspapers, radio stations, and even Internet sites sell space to advertisers so they may promote their product/service to us, the public. In this report we are going to talk about the effects that advertising has on the younger part of our population, the children. During resent decade this question stroke the minds of many people of various positions- from government officials to regular people that have kids, and until this time we do not have a 100 percent clear vision and understanding of this issue. Holding children’s welfare as a golden cane with which to flog the advertising industry, they seek to place the blame for child obesity and other social concerns in the lap of business. They flaunt statistics about the number of hours children watch television, and the expansion of advertising into schools and homes via computer. They ignore statistics that show the highest correlation to childhood obesity is parental obesity. From these figures and anecdotes, child ad crusaders leap to the unsubstantiated and troubling conclusion that all ads allegedly targeted to the very young should be killed. (more…)