Essay. The Assault on the Native Americans and their Ways of Life

Thesis The main problems faced by many Indian families and communities include assaults on their culture and ways of life, traditions and values alien for and misunderstood by many Americans.


Essay. The Enlightenment On Politics And Gender Relations Of Western Society

The Enlightenment defined as “an 18th-century movement that focused on the ideals of good sense, benevolence, and a belief in liberty, justice, and equality as the natural rights of man,”1 caused great changes in the Western world. The thoughts of the Enlightenment era influenced all aspects of Western life, including politics, government, culture, economics, gender relations, public views and religious beliefs as well. The effect is still taking place as many of the ideas of that age are naturally developing into the new theories and receive the grounds for new experiments and adoptions. (more…)

Essay on True Diversity: Ethics Development, Understanding, and Application

The terms of ethics originates from the Ancient Greek word “ethicos”, which means “arising from habits” (Blackburn, 202). In fact it is one of the major branches of philosophy studying the notions of value and quality and employing such concepts as good, evil, right and wrong, responsibility and purposes.


Essay on Occidentalism

Written by a distinguished observer of Asia and a professor of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem the book constitutes a kind of research into two different cultures: Western and Eastern. Based on the investigation of two different types of ideologies, the book eventually constitutes a kind of ground research of the major reasons that finally lead to confrontation and a bloody rivalry between people sharing different opinion about what the world actually is. (more…)

Essay. Resolved: Rhetoric Is a Sham Art

Rhetoric is mostly defined as a technique of persuasion usually by the means of language. An opinion exists that rhetoric is an art, whereas another opinion suggests that rhetoric cannot be considered an art other than sham art due to the reasons of ethics and morality. To establish the credibility of the latter opinion one would need to investigate upon the meanings of truth and art and the way rhetoric deals with these concepts. (more…)

Essay on Crisis in Cultures

Popular culture is one of the most important parts of modern society which determines a way of living built up by a group of people and transmitted from one generation to another. The role of culture is extremely important because it helps to distin¬guish the members of one category of people from those of another. Recent years, scholars speak about such phenomenon as crisis in cultures which has a negative impact on global community and social situation. Thesis Crisis in cultures is a result of globalization processes, new social values and technological influences which conflict with traditional social behavior and morals.


Essay on Multicultural Mosaic

The question of multicultural differences in Canada is heated by complicated political and social situation, national stereotypes and prejudices. These factors create a conflict between the majority and minority pf the population, and have tremendous and unpleasant consequences for many ethic groups. Bissoondath states: “we like to think, in this country [Canada], that our multicultural mosaic will help nudge us in into a greater openness. But multiculturalism as we know it, indulges in stereotype, depends on it for a dash of color and the flash of Dance” (Bissoondath 76).


Essay on the Future of the World’s Cultures

In this essay we are going to analyze and discuss the issues of globalization of different cultures, especially American one. We will dispute over the question-is world is becoming a place where you can find traces of all cultures living together harmoniously or place where we can no longer escape America no matter where we go? I have mainly considered my personal observations and experience to support my ideas concerning the overwhelming influence of both America and other dominant countries on the rest of the world and issues of globalization. In addition, I have read and discussed books and articles, such as “The Global Village finally Arrives” by Pico Iyer, “Coming of Age in a Changing Nation” by Andrew Lam, “My Vietnam, My America” by Andrew Lam, The excerpt “Uncle McDonald” taken from Fast food Nation by Eric Schlosser develop, and how these metaphors may apply to how we view the rest of the world.


Essay on 1920’s Culture

After a short postwar recession, the US economy grew exceedingly. Unemployment dropped as low as 3 percent, prices stayed steady, and gross national product increased by nearly 30 million in seven years. Some of this prosperity was due to technological advancements such as electricity. New systems for distributing goods also affected the US economy; perhaps the most influential producer of a good economy was advertising.