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“Really smart people have no common sense,” asserted the woman nodding her head to the agreement of all at the dinner party. “You are too smart for your own good,” yelled the mother when her gifted child attempted to disagree with her. “School boy, school boy, school boy,” taunted the boy’s African American peers. The girl began hiding in the schoolhouse rather than going out to recess after she was teased with these epithets, “Nerd, geek, ha, ha, ha.” Then there is the public

C.D. 1/5/99 New School Policy Essay School Number (WHATEVER SCHOOL) is considering a new policy.Students will not receive grades in any classes.Before passing this policy,the principal wants to know how it will affect students.This new policy can have some good effects and bad effects.How would it affect teachers?How would it affect students who plan to go to collage?How would it affect students who usually get bad grades?All these things have to be taken into consideration.In the