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\"Run-DMC broke down the barriers. They were the first real rap stars. Everyone in the game today owes something to them.\" - Eminem From time to time, American music sees the emergence of a new music genre. And behind each rising genre is, of course, a proponent–the originator, inventor, the discoverer, the progenitor. (Biography, 2008) For instance, the blues had a W.C. Handy during its time, while jazz had a Louis Armstrong. Also, bebop had a Charlie Parker, whereas swin

Some things never die, and James Todd Smith, aka LL Cool J, is proving that with his new release The DEFinition. The heavyweight champion of rap puts his rhyming skills to the test once again and dares anyone to challenge him on this album. The DEFinition offers a lot of hot tracks that are club-friendly, and this could be thanks in part to Timbaland, who helped produce six of the tracks on the CD. R. Kelly also appears on the album. LL is keeping it fresh on this new album with his rhy