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The uncanny originates from the German word Unheimlich meaning unhomely. There is a certain ambiguity regarding the uncanny, as it is not a direct translation. Unheimlich is an untranslatable word, thus making interpreting its meaning becomes somewhat difficult. Originally, the uncanny is a Freudian term used to describe a psychological feeling of terror. According to Sigmund Freud, ‘the uncanny’ derives its terror from something familiar as opposed to the expected alien or unknown. Beca

In D.H. Lawrence"s "The Horse Dealer"s Daughter," Mabel "did not share the same life as her brothers "(195). Mabel Pervin was not close to her brothers, because there were personal and physical separations. Mabel was a plain, uninteresting woman. She seldom showed emotion on her face. In fact her face usually remained impassive and unchanged. Her brothers could be described as three handsome and well-spoken men. Mabel was independent, having taken care of the house for te