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Since Gutenberg�s earth-shaking invention of the moveable printing press, communication technology has achieved great development. Inventions like the radio, television, and more recently the Internet have enabled us to get instant information from far away places. As far as communications are concerned, we are now in a much constricted world, which was unimaginable a century ago. While recognizing the technological advancements during his days, Marshall McLuhan said: �Today,

In dealing with weather there are many types which can seriously cause damage to people and communities. Especially in the aviation we as pilot have to take into account many consideration in preparing for a flight. For instance, thunderstorms, icing levels, winds aloft, and visibility all play major factors in preparing for a flight. But there are some weather phenomena that can be extremely dangerous to fly into. Hurricanes, wind shear, and tornadoes are just some of the major threa