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If you are reading this in the morning, I wish you a very good morning. If in the afternoon? e.t.c. I will not specifically wish you that since you should have a newspaper in the morning. I have always advocated that we should all look for a job and work to make a living. I look at the \'uitkerings\' organisations with a mixture of distrust, feeling of revulsion and other negative feelings, having said that, I have slowly begun to change my mind about my former attitude. I understand now why

I am sure we all know the story of the race between the tortoise and the hare. The moral of that story is that you do not have to be the quickest to be the winner. Being cunning and using one\'s brains to the maximum often leads to gains over trying to run too fast and then stopping at the wrong moments. I am glad the Nigerian government has overruled the judgement over Amina. It goes to show the rest of the world that we are not barbarians after all. For those who believe in the inter-co