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Introduction Gang involvement is as old as civilization. Gang violence is an act of belligerence perpetrated by a bunch of hooligans that are well organized, founded and with familiar characteristics amongst themselves. Historically, the terminology was employed to refer to a cluster of workers, fastidiously in England. The terminology gang transmits harmful overtones within a bunch of hoodlums work contrary to the collective norms of a given society. In India for instance, the terminology st

Richard Speck: An Overview of a Mass-Murderer Introduction The following essay will highlight the life and crimes of Richard Franklin Speck, a man convicted of the mass murder of eight student nurses in the Chicago area in 1966. This essay will outline the general biographical sketch of Speck, as well as the general happenings of his crimes. These killings were premeditated, systematic, and indicative of several theories of criminology which will also be discussed in reference to these horre