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A Reflection on The Violence Against Women Act of 1994�s Failure to Address the Ramifications of Intimate Partner Violence on a Gender-Neutral and Sexual Orientation-Neutral Basis Steve Cloer was an everyday husband and father living in suburban Atlanta, supporting his wife and young son through handcrafted projects he completed through his home-based business. Steve�s wife had a frequent drinking problem, and often became violent and angry under the influence, but Steve attemp

Domestic Abuse Essay In the world of today, there is increasing pressure from the feminist side that there should be gender equality. The targets of gender equality are generally as follows: women\'s rights as human rights, equal participation in political and public life; the economic independence, the empowerment of girls and boys through the education systems; and removing imbalances in society. For this purpose, many legal issues are seen through degendering. Degendering is the reorganizing