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Abstract As a result of the advancing global technolo-gies and civilisation, there has been a progressive depletion of high-grade mineral deposits. Consequently, it has become increasingly important to process lower-grade ores. Phosphorous (P) and particular potassium (K) contained in the iron ore concentrates of the Sishen Iron Ore Mine have a detrimental effect on the steel making process,whereby these alkali’s cause cracks to form in the refractory lining of blast furnaces. It is initiall

Pollution is nothing but just an unwanted addition to the environment, which has a harmful effect on our atmosphere. It only composes things unfit or less fit. It has many outward appearance or we can state this impurity is founded in numerous things due to numerous cause. This ever-increasing problem of environment has become one of the most essential points of concern for mutually science and human. There are two central cause of pollution we can classify them as pollution as a result of Human