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Colonialism is a thing of the past that can be traced probably since the beginning of man existence. The old empire of Greece, Rome, Mali and Song hay were a reflection of man’s urge to expand. The scramble for and the passion for Africa between 1885-1900 brought to Africa different type of colonialism. We had direct or indirect rule which was especially used by the British, second we had the assimilation which was used by the French people in the Francophone countries e.g. Mali, Chad e.t.c

In Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, the idea of the religion or mythology according to the ancient Africans was a major theme in the book. In historical context I am going to look at what they really believed and why Achebe mentioned some of the customs that pertained to their gods. Africans believed that "death does not end it" in other words when you die you are not finished yet. This is shown in their belief in spiritism, which is a view that unseen personal beings influence the lives