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JAHANGIR (Mughal emperor of India) Introduction Jahangir (Mughal emperor of India) (1569-1627), was the fourth Mughal Emperor of India who ruled for 22 years. Jahangir was a friendly and a moderate Muslim. Jahangir loved architecture, fine arts and was very fond of paintings. Besides being a successful ruler, he was kind to his Indian subjects whether they be Hindu’s or Muslim’s. Jahangir was a ruler with many military ambitions, the foremost being to conquer the seat of the governmen

The Dao of Daoism There are basically threee main parts to Taoism; ?Dao? which is the way, De which is the unnamed charachteristic or virtue , and lastly ?Wu Wei? which is non-action- flowing... In my report I will focus on the ?Dao?. Bits of the other two concepts will be scattered throughout. In order to go into Taoism at all, we must begin by being in the frame of mind in which it can be understood. You cannot force yourself into this frame of mind, anymore than you can smooth disturbed w