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The fourteenth century witnessed the beginning of remarkable changes in many aspects of the Italian society. In fifteenth century, it spread to Northern Europe, so all these cultural changes have been put together and named renaissance. These cultural changes led to the religious reforms. The need for reform of the individual Christian and institutional church is central to the Christian faith. Economic and political origin of the Italian Renaissance This period witnessed phenomenal commercial

Chanting peace-paeans as they reaped and gleaned, gazing worldward, on her undrawn sword, watchful as she leaned. (A. Austin, Songs Of England, 1900) TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION: (Pages) • THE ETHICS OF EMPIRE (3-5) • IMPERIALISM REVISITED (5-8) 2. DEFINING MORALITY • THE THEORY (8-9) • THE PRACTICE (9-12) 3. MAIN SECTION: • INTRODUCTION TO THE MAIN SECTION (12-14) • THE POLITICS OF MORALITY AND THE MORALS OF POLITY (14-22)