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ISRAEL A Political, Cultural, and Religious Description of the Current Atmosphere As Exists in Israel Israel, in the 1990's, is in a continual state of political, cultural and religious flux. Religion continues to play a central factor in the difficulties which the state has been and continues to experience. This unique country is characterized by an amalgam of cultural and ethnic diversity. This historical and cultural fact ensures that the difficulties the state has been experiencing

Kinvan is when the bride is given something of nominal value from the groom. In ancient times, coins were given. But recentely rings have replaced those coins. Rings have replaced those coins because their known as the gift of choice. However, in Jewish weddings, the ring has to belong to the groom, and be made of only solid metal without any gems of any kind on them. The rabbis had thought that if the rings wasnt at a high value then that may cause the bride to actually reconsider to marry s