History: Middle East Essays & Term Papers

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“Will the United Nations serve the purpose of its founding, or will it be irrelevant?” (President George W Bush. Address to UN General Assembly 12/09/02) This study proposes to delve into the complexity and intrigue that results when two worlds collide. It will focus on the relationship between the US and the UN and examine how it relates to international conflict resolution by using the examples of the Palestine and the Persian Gulf. In doing so, we may hope to identify some of t

Introduction The Middle East has become a focal point in the last fifty years because of concerns regarding the regions role in economics, international security and politics. There is urgency in developing peace and development for the region: its position in the world’s oil markets and its role as gateway between Europe and Asia are critical reasons for the interest. There has been an exhaustive amount of literature aiming to analyze and develop solutions for the region developing a consen