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Executive Summary You hear the terms Web 2.0, social network, and online community at every turn, but how can these tools revolutionize your business? With the onset of Web 2.0 technologies (blogs, forums, media galleries, wikis, groups, etc.), organizations today are using the borderless boundaries of the Internet to promote their products and services. And they are using them in more ways than one: • To empower users to collaborate, retain, share, and re-surface content online • To pro

Introduction Over the years, modern technologies have kept on amazing us. Decades ago, black and white television sets were as big as cabinets. Now, we have flat LCD monitors that are so thin that they could be hung on the wall. Telephone units were only to be found at homes or offices because they had wires that had to be plugged into the wall sockets. Now, we have mobile cellular phones that fit inside our pockets. Not only do they allow voice communication, they also allow transfer of othe