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Contents Abstract Introduction An Historical overview of the British Press Class Structures and Stereotyping Amongst the British Case Study: Press coverage of the Rhys Jones murder Conclusion References Abstract The purpose of this study is to assess the role of the British Press and its ability to maintain class stereotypes through the contrived and manipulative use of emotive language, bias, predjudice and accusation cross-culturally. The framework of the text will refect on th

INLAND BEACH by Margaret Creal Margaret Creal leaves us with plenty to ponder about as her use of symbolism is used to describe the strength and wisdom of women along with the miracle of birth. Margaret Creal uses symbolism to link the fragility of birth to the delicateness of life. Margaret Creal describes the scenery at the beginning to illustrate what the surrounding beach looks like, however we can also see that her description also resembles the miracle of birth. It is ev