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The proverbial march of titans is a term that can be easily attributed to the ever-expanding network of mammoth fast food chains like McDonald etc. We are not talking about some health spas or fitness centers here. The kind of food that doled out in such fast food joints is high in calories and low in nutrition; the result is uncontrollable obesity and dreadful diseases like diabetes etc. Shannon Brownlee�s article �Portion Distortion: You Don�t Know the Half of It� is a ve

Scientific progress in nutrition, medical and food sciences is having an increasing effect on our approach towards nutrition. There had been a growing awareness about the effects that nutrition has on the health of an individual. Nutritive foods play an important role as an agent for improving health, help in disease prevention and hence maintaining the well being of an individual. Researches suggest that health of a person depends upon three chief factors; genetic factor, exercise and nut