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Introduction Confucius (K\'ung-fu-tzu, 551-479 BC) is one of the most prominent sages -at the same time dominating also- of ancient time who have swayed the political and moral arenas of different nations over the world. His scholarly teaching and thoughts emerged as the most dominant philosophy over the vast east of Asia. Through out the passage of the upheaval of different dynasties his moral and political doctrines shaped and had been manipulated to shape the people�s life of this regio

Free will alludes to the right of individuals to be free and whether such freedom can actually be realized in a world so much perceived to have predetermined events. What then is freedom and if freedom doesn’t exist what negates the concept of freedom and what implications would this denial of its existence mean to society. Freedom may simply mean the ability of an individual to act without interference and the basis of these actions being voluntary choice. The discussion of free will and det