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INTRODUCTION Holography is a method of obtaining three-dimensional photographic images. These images are obtained without a lens; the pattern recorded on a photographic plate is called a hologram. On the other hand image formation refers to the process of producing and refining images, various methods are used in order to achieve this. Some common examples include the use of double lens optical systems, spatial filtering, matched filtering and phase contrast microscopy. An exhaustive treatme

For many centuries wind has been used as a reliable source of energy. It is clean and inexhaustible. Wind is used to make the job of a human simpliar. It is used for grinding grain, pumping water, and to enable sail boats to move. Though often the amount of wind power varies depending on the climate of an area. Although wind power is only used in selected areas the recent interest in fuel conservation has sparked the development of windfarms. In the 1980’s a studied showed that in order to pr