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The Unspoken History of The Comfort Women Overview The story of comfort women has been a story of silence for the last 50 years. Comfort Women was a term used by the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II, to refer to the women and girls who were coerced into sexual slavery. Between 1932 and 1945, approximately 200,000 women were forced into prostitution. The women came from China, Philippines, Taiwan, Burma, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. They were recruited through deceit or by fo

LEGALIZING PROSTITUTION WOULD PROVIDE ECONOMIC BENEFITS AND REDUCE CRIMEDefinition of prostitution. I think it important to define prostitution as the consensual granting of sexual gratification by one person in exchange for money or other valuable consideration. This definition implies a legal contract, and thus only individuals at or above the age of majority would legally be entitled to enter into these contracts, either as purchaser or provider. Prostitution as I discuss it here does