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Introduction If we analyze the personality disorder then we come to know that over the years, few extensive prospective studies have embattled the reason of personality disorders (PDs). But lately, a new body of research has commenced to explore the probable influences of numerous factors, from genetics and parenting to peer manipulate, and even the arbitrariness of life events. According to the worthy statement of Patricia Hoffman Judd, PhD, clinical professor of psychiatry at the University

When faced with a challenge there is one basic principle one must adhere to – keep trying. The greatest challenge I have overcome in my lifetime, is that of depression. It took me many years and many attempts to overcome this obstacle, but I kept trying. Try as many different avenues and ask for as much help as you can. And never give up; you only lose when you surrender. It may be easy to keep trying to get that dream job, or to practice to make the perfect jump shot. To keep fighting an illn