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Identify and illustrate one process you have used to deal with a specific problem or difficult situation(s) in your life. In other words, explain your process for resolving a specific problem. If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste the adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. - ANNE BRADSTREET Difficulties are faced by each one of us. They are a part and parcel of everybody�s lives. When life bangs us with unwanted, toug

Correlates of Modern Prejudice 2 Abstract A questionnaire was distributed to 118 university students (52 males, 66 females). The questionnaire investigated various demographic variables, as well as modern prejudicial attitudes. Three scales were used to assess these attitudes: the modern homonegativity scale (MHS), the neoracism scale (NR) and the neosexism scale (NS). It was hypothesized that relationships would exist between each of the variables, as well as between each variable and cons