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Abstract From George Washington to George Walker Bush, 43 United States (US) patriots have occupied the most important post of responsibility of the United States of America (USA). Each of these Presidents made history in his own way; George Washington and the American Civil War; Abraham Lincoln on slavery; John Fritzgerald Kenedy and black American civil rights; Lindon B. Johnson, battling the Vietcong; Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the New Deal; George W. Bush a crackdown on terrorism.

A living organization changes with time. Some parts of it may remain identical to that which was first constructed. Most parts will adapt to changes in the world, in society, and in mankind itself. If it does not change, it withers and dies. Organizations which fail to adapt to changes, whether they like it or not, tend to become shrunken relics of their original selves. They become mummified images of a once living creation. Such an organization is the Ku Klux Klan, better known as