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Smoking & Smoking Cessation in the Workplace Table of Contents Introduction p. 3 Purpose ... p. 3 The Effects of Smoke and Second-Hand Smoke ... p. 4 Do Non-smoking Policies Succeed? .. p. 5 Why do People Continue to Smoke? . p. 6 Promoting Smoking Cessation ... p. 9 Conclusion .. p. 15 Recommendations ... p. 15 Re

For hundreds of years tobacco has been a major commodity throughout the world. The tobacco industry today is more massive than ever, and is the basis of a substantial part of the world economy. It is the major employer, providing the livelihoods of millions of families. Hundreds of millions of people smoke and considerable number use tobacco in other forms. The Indians of tropical America first cultivated tobacco. When Columbus landed in the island of the West Indies in October 1492, his earl