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People face different problems everyday. It is normal, and it is part of life. Just like victories and happiness, problems improve life. It is vital not to let problems intimidate a person and use them, instead, to empower ones self. There are a number of ways, suggested in books and online, in overcoming the worst fears and problems. The following are some of the ways to effectively deal and handle problems. First important thing is to avoid problems when they seem mild or momentary, bec

In literary term, marriage can be defined as legalized companionship. But prior to legalization, it’s utmost essential for a couple to realize that they can grow with each other. When couples have the tendency to explore life together, they seldom separate. Couples with similar perspective towards life, easily become partners in the ‘adventure’ called life; but more than anything else, each of the companions should have the propensity towards each others’ interest. Men and women get attr