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We are living in an age where rules are turned upside down, morals are disdained and values are substituted by convenience. This is where sport plays an important role of teaching moral lessons (Kemp, 1999, p. 46). Sport is generally regarded as one of the most favorite pastimes of people across the world. Various people spend their spare time relaxing on the beach, watching TV, reading newspaper or surfing internet. On the other hand, some get bored with such passive modes of entertainment. The

Abstract Performance enhancement drugs have become very common today and their use is very common amongst sportsmen and women. The authorities in US such as FDA have put in place stringent measures to curb the problem but despite the efforts, people and especially sportsmen and sportswomen continue to use the drugs oblivious of the risks, which have cost many of their lives and careers. Performance enhancing drugs have been in use for many centuries for different reasons. However in the rece