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The chains clank loudly on the concrete floor. The noise makes them cringe. And I love it when they cringe. My footsteps are just as ominous if you think about it. I walk up to the basement door in the dark castle-like mansion. The door creaks eerily as I open it. Such great sounds to give even the toughest man chills. The concrete echoes my footsteps to let them know that I’m coming. I love how they huddle into any corner they can to try to get away from me, but they know it’s all in

Thesis Statement: The experience of the protagonist Mitchell Hayes reveals that “the safest decision is not always the easiest to live with.” The Curse by Andre Dubus is the story of regret of Mitchell Hayes, a forty-nine year old bartender who witnesses a violent rape. Five bikers rape a young woman in a bar while holding Mitchell at bay (Dubus, 1988). Even though Mitchell was completely helpless and unable to rescue the girl, after the incident, Mitchell felt troubled over his decision fo