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Writing is both a result and a condition of civilization. it is both a product shaped by civilization and a tool shaping civilisation.it is generally accepted that writing was invented approximately 5 000 years ago, but some researchers date it as far back as 10 000 years ago. Evolution of writing 1. Precursors to writing: Signs of Non-graphical nature There are certain developments which cannot be considered writing because they do not exhibit the key characteristics of writing, yet they are

Clients come to your company to purchase or order academic papers which are often time requirements in their respective schools. Clients come because some of them have limited time to accomplish multiple school requirements, thus they seek the help of your writers. A client on his part would want to receive a paper that he himself would have written. Meaning, it requires original ideas or properly cited ad digested works of others. To submit plagiarized work to clients is tantamount to saying th