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By Mary Rascoe

E-Commerce for International BusinessE-commerce in the international business provided millions of companies, especially small- and medium-sized businesses, with opportunities to promote their products and services at the international markets and have the same good image and reputation as the multinational corporations. In addition, now companies are able to improve the efficiency, cut operational costs and expand the market for their activities. Despite various pros and cons of e-commerce in the international business, many experts agree that due to recent innovations in technology and Internet opportunities e-commerce became an efficient and affordable tool for many companies to achieve competitive advantage.

As a result of globalization and occurrence of numerous transnational corporations, e-commerce is inevitable since it eases the communication between partners, suppliers, and customers; makes products and services more accessible and affordable for wider range of consumers; offers new ways to diversify the national economies and take part in global markets. Since today more and more people have access to the Internet, purchases via Internet become more attractive and trustworthy while products and services of certain local companies can be seen by the majority of businesses worldwide. Certainly, some consumers and suppliers may still worry that products are intangible and it is rather difficult to confirm the quality before purchasing, but technological innovations, online communication and presentation of the products and services help to insure the consumers and suppliers. Recent IT solutions guarantee the successful integration of e-commerce throughout the organization, protection of customer orders and various databases with important corporate and client information.

E-commerce and the Internet help to create an increasingly global market where companies and organizations use the opportunities to take advantage of local markets throughout the world by bringing global competition to every interested company.

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