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  • Not only me, but my lecturer was also enchanted with my research paper – thank you so much!! Brenda, Sydney, Australia
  • I couldn’t even imagine that the research you had made would have been so deep and so natural at the same time. Paul, MA, USA

By Wilma Box

NCTM is a website that was made for people interested in mathematics and especially for those who are interested in mathematics because of their profession. It also supports those teachers who want to ensure that their students get mathematics learning in a highest quality. The site was arranged in order to meet different purposes and requests. If you are a member of this site, you will find such positive things as specific journals, they provide teachers with plans for classroom activities and share information about the latest researches in the field of mathematics.  This website gives opportunities for developing by providing meetings of different levels (for instance, regional meetings, annual meetings).  Website is divided into several areas: professional development (it gives information about meetings and special courses for self-development in the field of mathematics), journals and books (provides teachers with different sorts of books), lessons and resources (gives additional materials for use during math class), research and issues (informs about current situation in science), on-line shop (provides information about most popular and useful books). If teachers use this website, it is guaranteed that they will be informed about latest news concerning their profession and also be popular among their students, because of getting nice ideas for lesson planning.

Association of School Curriculum Development

ASCD’s slogan is for the success of each learner. And this websites really gives such opportunity to learners. ASCD is a community of teachers and educators who share their practices to make learning of their students successful. This association has long history, being founded in 1943. Its members come from more than 135 countries. They concentrate on professional development and leadership. This site provides educators with on-line training and gives information about conferences, where their knowledge can be improved and enlarged. Website is made for keeping teachers informed on latest trends and achievements in this science.

Journal of Technology Education

Journal of Technology Education is a website that serves like a special bank full of dissertations and other useful materials. It is used like a digital library and archives, providing great variety of special collections (manuscripts, rare books and university archive), developing researches, e-journals, VT publications. All these resources are available for use in research, teaching and private study. However, users must be careful and they have to follow copyright law. Website gives a catalog of e-journals with short information and related links for quick search, which makes work convenient and fast.

International Society for Technology in Education

International Society for Technology in Education is designed for professional development, self-development. It provides leadership in order to improve teaching, learning school leadership by introducing effective work using internet resources. The website shares latest news about conferences and other events, gives opportunity to find or post a job, gives opportunities for self training, which is appropriate for both educators and students. There is also a catalog on current periodicals, books and other publications on line and not. In bookstore teachers will find interesting books with annotations for good price. It also gives information about grant concerning different fields of science. Teachers and educators, as well students and other people who are interested in self-development and self-study will find materials extremely useful and interesting.


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