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By Mabel Hansen


Education is one of the base human activities. Attainments in education show the general person’s readiness for any activity. Education attainment is of a great importance for students’ life chances.  Achievements in education indicate personal qualities of each student.  They show intellect abilities, learning skills and how a person can manage his or her time, studying load and other activities.

Education attainment shows students’ inclination to achievements. It points out the will source. Also if person is ready to attainment that means that he or she can create a positive constructive mood being involved in any activity. Thus we get also an emotional characteristic, which also can have a defining impact on life chances. Intellectual component of education attainment is obviously one of the most important factor influencing life prospects.

The main point of education attainment lies not only in acquired qualifications and knowledge, but also in studying skills and how fast one can cope with incoming information and master some skill. These attainments have a strong influence on further life chances. People get better jobs, feel themselves to be more confident and competitive, are ready to solve some concrete tasks and problems and of course are intelligent and smart enough to make decisions.

Doubtful remains the fact that person may succeed in life without some practical experience and good personal communication skills. During the studying period it is hard to conduct all the necessary activities to gain needed practice. That explains the existence of train programs and apprenticeship. And education attainment is of no use sometimes. It is about your skills and personal characteristics mostly and just partly about knowledge.  And there can happen surprising cases that people whose education attainment were moderate also succeed.

But if we want to be always on top we hardly can avoid life long education or self education.



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