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By Ollie E. Parish

Writers Getting Thier InspirationFor writing an essay one needs inspiration. Even if you have good ideas, without inspiration  there is no aim sitting with pen and piece of paper. While writing an essay # 4 I understood this. Even though I new the topic and it was pretty close and interesting to me, it took me a long time to get concentrated, to be tuned for writing it. So, I realized that there is a line of conditions, and only if they are observed, a write may hope for good results.

The process of writing the essay # 4 took me more time in comparison with time spent for writing essay # 3. To my mind, it took me more time for writing the essay # 4, as the information I were supposed to find was more specific and difficult. Because of this it was also harder to find special resources for writing. Another thing was that I had to understand the material, go deeply into researches. And it was quite difficult task to accomplish. Finding appropriate information, which absolutely reflects the topic, was a complicated thing as well. I suppose that the most difficult thing for me was to present all the information, nevertheless its complexity, in easy language, which any reader could understand. Actually it’s always difficult in such a way that your language is understandable, the whole text flows as a calm river. I was re-reading my essay all the time  in order to avoid mistakes and improve all the puzzling and fishy places of my essay. Another problematic issue is putting this information in an appropriate order, so that the whole text looks like harmonious. It was really difficult to achieve, as information was absolutely multifarious, and putting t together wasn’t always an easy task.

In order to achieve success and get good results I gave my work to my peers and other people whom I believe, whose point of view I appreciate.  My task was to get objective information, I didn’t want to hear any kind of flattery in my address. Critique is a good and useful thing when we want to achieve high results,  that’s why I wasn’t afraid of being criticized. I was grateful for people who were ready to speak frankly, without any doubt sharing with me their thoughts and ideas considering my essay. I was very satisfied that these people showed me my mistakes, pointed out both negative and positive parts of my work.  They spoke of negative sides of my work and ways how to amend situation.

I suppose I can try to avoid these problems while writing new essays, but of course I’m sure that I’ll face some problems in the future writing as well. The positive thing is that I will have experience and I think I won’t repeat some mistakes which I made in my previous essays. Before writing essay # 4 I have read my previous essays properly, I looked carefully through all the information I gave, trying to understand what was vital and what was secondary. I wanted to collect the most important things, facts, I really tried to present interesting and unusual information, making priorities when choosing what things to use in my new essay  and what to leave out of the context. The most horrible feature of my character is having   doubts while taking decisions and I felt this feature at all its power. During my content-level revisions, I made a plan and special scheme. The plan helped me to see, what sort of information, both old and new, I wanted to see in my essay. The scheme I made showed me how all the information will look together and the way it’ll reflect and contain answers for all the questions I was asked.

To my mind it is very important or that’s to say more professional if you want, to supply essay only with truthful and objective information. I think, when somebody decides to write about something, they should promise to give only true facts. Not completing this task ,ruins all the aims of writing, destruct the whole process.

So, during my work I wanted to highlight al the sides of my topic and I should say there were some really surprising reversals, but my purpose was to continue writing without any doubt, and to stay calm and reserved.

The greatest prize for me will be satisfaction of readers, who’ll have an opportunity to read my essay. I want them to see how hard I worked, how hard I tried to find vital and the most necessary information. I hope the information I gave in my essay will be useful for all the readers, and I would be also glad if each person could find something especially useful for them, nevertheless their specialization. I mean, I hope my essay will come into useful for all people. Those who work in sphere of accounting and those who have never been closely connected with it.

As to judging my work, I have some doubts. It’s a usual thing for me as I  have never been totally and absolutely satisfied with the results of my works. There is always something that I think I should have included into my essay, or on the contrary- excluded.

It doesn’t matter for how long I was reading the essay, each time I find some aspects, ideas, which I could have included while observing given question. I guess it’s an endless process, because you can never say something was done in a perfect way. At least it’s difficult to say about my own works.

During writing my work I got to know a lot of interesting things about the topic of the essay. I have never thought that working in the field of accounting can give  so many opportunities and chances in life. Salaries are high and this occupation is always needed as professionals of this field work in hundred of different spheres. There is always a chance to choose where to work.

The sad thing is, on the other hand, that there is a great number of people willing to get such kind of job and that’s why probably in a few years it may be difficult to find a job in accounting. The competition is really high in this field and there are not so many places for everybody.

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